About Us

At AdsHelper, our goal is simple yet powerful - to empower businesses, no matter their size or industry, to thrive in the digital marketing landscape. We understand that every business has unique challenges and aspirations, and our mission is to provide the tools and support needed to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.

Our primary objective is to demystify the complexities of digital advertising. We aim to break down the barriers that often deter small and medium-sized businesses from fully harnessing the potential of online platforms. Whether you're a startup looking to make your mark or an established business aiming to amplify your digital presence, AdsHelper is here to pave the way.

Transparency and accessibility are at the core of our goal. We want to ensure that our users have a clear understanding of the strategies and tools they employ. Our commitment to simplicity is reflected in our user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources, making it possible for businesses of all backgrounds to navigate the digital realm with confidence.

But our goal extends beyond offering tools; it's about building a community. We're dedicated to creating a space where businesses can connect, learn, and grow together. Our success is intrinsically tied to yours, and we measure our achievements by the milestones you reach with our assistance.

As we journey towards our goal, we invite you to join us. Let's embark on this digital adventure together, overcoming challenges and celebrating successes. At AdsHelper, your triumphs fuel our purpose, and we're committed to being the partner you need for an impactful digital marketing journey.

Meet The Team

Jaff Low Yu Kang
CEO / Cofounder
Ping Tan
CTO / Cofounder
Edward Teh
Creative Director / Cofounder
Jayson Lee
Product Director / Cofounder
Yee Hong
External Relations
External Relations